Human-Centered Computing

Wearable Gestural Interface

Human Centered Computing

Research in human centered computing has multiple goals. Our focus is on understanding humans as individuals by focusing on the ways that human beings adopt and organize their lives around computational technologies. Our approach is to spread ubiquitous computing among humans which affect most aspects of their lifestyle.
We try to build computing systems that are valuable in a breadth of human contexts, and by all kinds of user specially disabled people. In our research, technology is integrated into human life as a tool and our focus is on the devices or systems that use computer technologies and need people direct interaction.

This Project:

The aim of the project was to develop a Wearable Gestural Interface. It is a wearable tool on which the user navigates with hand gestures. The project was done under the collaboration of the University of Fribourg UNIFR and the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Fribourg EIA-FR.

These days, laptops and smart phones are indispensable. These gadgets are not only used for work in the office but also to get information on the way. When a user would like to visualize information, he has to take the gadget out of the pocket and navigate in the menu.

The idea of this project was to simplify this kind of tasks. Therefore a smart tool is developed. It permits to project the information in front of the user either on a wall or on another object. The user can navigate with the tool via hand gestures. This makes the usability of the tool more natural and simpler, since hand gestures are often used by humans. However the tool is wearable so the user does not have to take it out of the pocket

People involved: Hamid R. Rabiee , Mahdi  Amiri , Nasim Mirarmandehi , Neda Nasiriani

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